Early Mornings are a Florist’s lot!

June 2015

Next time someone presents you with a lovely bunch, or if you’re lucky, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, one of these cold Wintery days, spare a thought for the florist who supplied them. They’ve almost certainly had to drag themselves from an invitingly warm bed and hit the road to the Flower Markets while the outside temperature still hovered in the low single digits.

Not for them the luxury of a lie-in. Cup of tea or coffee in bed? You must be joking! They’ll be lucky if they can grab a brew from an early-opening Café on their way to the Market. More likely it’ll be a quick gulp while, wrapped up like the Michelin Man, they’re feverishly sourcing the best, freshest and prettiest flowers from the bewildering array on display each day at Sydney’s Flower Market.

The Sydney Flower Market is part of the large purpose-built Sydney Markets’ Flemington complex on Parramatta Road. The Markets operate on a 24/7 basis, though the Flower section is only open for business Monday – Saturday, 5am – 11am, with most flower trading occurring before 9am.

So, there’s your florist, up at 4am, six days-a-week, just to make sure you’ve got the widest choice of blooms to suit any and every occasion – new babies, birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, hospital visits, funerals…or just because.

Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, flowers are the classically simple and straightforward way of getting straight to the heart. Whatever you want to say, at Atlantis Flowers we’re here to help you express yourself. Call into our St Leonards store for a chat, call us or get in touch online – whichever suits you best. Whichever way, you can be assured of the best service and the most beautiful flowers – we were up early this morning to make sure of that!